The only visitor attraction in the UK about disaster response.

Interactive displays will show you how ShelterBox monitors the weather and prepares for disasters, how we decide where to respond, and how we choose which shelters and aid items to send.

You’re sure to be inspired by our fundraiser wall of fame, and don’t miss the chance to pick up a gift from our shop.

Why are we in Truro?

Why is an international humanitarian charity based in Truro? It’s a question we get asked often.

We are based in Cornwall because this is our home. ShelterBox was born in Helston, on the south coast of Cornwall, in 2000. It was set up by members of the Helston-Lizard Rotary Club and we are proud to still be located in the county. ShelterBox visitor centre is based on the ground floor of our international HQ.

A warm Cornish welcome

Enjoy a warm welcome from our visitor centre volunteers. They’ll be happy to share stories from our deployments, talk you through our history, and explain the development and design of our aid items.

They’re a passionate team who’ll leave you feeling inspired about our work.