Do something different this summer

At ShelterBox we do things differently. We were born different. We started life as a small organisation in rugged West Cornwall in the UK and have grown to make a big impact across the world.

Discover a unique visitor experience in the heart of Cornwall with family activities throughout the summer holidays.

Discover our story at the ShelterBox Disaster Relief Visitor Centre – a ground breaking new visitor attraction in the heart of Truro and the only one of its type in the UK.

Explore our interactive Visitor Centre in Truro where you’ll discover the world of international first response natural disaster relief. There’s lots to do for all ages.  Meet a friendly local volunteer guide who’ll be delighted to talk about the stories behind our more unusual exhibits. You’ll leave with an understanding of the special hope and help that this very unique Cornish charity brings to families in need.

  • Can your complete the Disaster Challenge with your family? Pick up a leaflet and hunt for clues around the visitor centre
  • Pack a ShelterBox – see if you can fit everything a family would need to start rebuilding their lives into our iconic green ShelterBoxes
  • Play Minecraft – can you build a tent or make a massive ShelterBox in Minecraft Creative?
  • Get hands-on with all the items that go into a ShelterBox, from water filters and mosquito nets to cooking sets and Luminaids
  • Interactive displays reveal inspiring stories of how ShelterBox helps survivors of natural disasters
In October half term you can experience a virtual reality disaster scenario and challenge yourself to pack an emergency survival box.

A family day out

The visitor centre has activities that your family can try and is the perfect solution to a rainy Cornish day. Pick up a family disaster challenge leaflet and see if your family can find the clues around the visitor centre to complete the challenge, or try our Minecraft challenge and build a ShelterBox or tent in everyone’s favourite creative platform. Look out for family friendly activities during school holidays and half term.

Admission is free

You visit is free but please remember that every donation helps us fund vital disaster relief all over the world. Your support will make a difference to someone, giving them the shelter they need to start rebuilding their lives. Ask us about regular giving or make a donation to show your support for ShelterBox.

Find out more about ShelterBox aid and latest deployments

Bring a school or learning group to ShelterBox



Tom Stoddart is one of 4 photographers exhibiting their images of hope and strength this autumn.

What’s on at ShelterBox in 2018

We’ve got a great programme of events taking place throughout the year.

Summer holiday family activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Find out more

Hope and Strength – 10 September to 24 November

Four leading photographers Olly Burn, Tom Stoddart, Veronique de Viguerie and Dougie Wallace have helped us to pay tribute to the incredible hope and strength of the people we meet. Visit the Hope & Strength webpage to find out more about this amazing exhibition which is coming to Truro this autumn.

Virtual Reality Challenge – October half term. Find out more

Experience what it’s like to have to leave your home as disaster threatens.

Our Sponsors

The Aid Zone has been kindly sponsored by Alpinter

Our sponsors

Alpinter provide ShelterBox with a vast variety of items, from  family tents, blankets, kitchen sets to tarpaulins for Shelterkits.

The ShelterBox mission is to be able to assist the families hit by disasters as fast and efficiently as possible, with the best possible aid. This is how we can help.”